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Wildlife Rehabilitation is the process whereby we return to humanity, that which would otherwise have been lost…..

The question is always…..where to start?

The answer…..

Right where you are, with what you have.

We receive many owls that have injuries from barbed wire fences. They are so busy focusing on catching prey that they fail to pick up the top strands of a fence against the dark background of grass and earth. Inevitably, they get caught up in the top strands and damage their wings badly.

So one caring lady we know, decided she would do what she could to prevent this…..simple. She took Duct tape, and made little silver flag markers along the top strand of the fences….. on a farm she does not own…..

Another option would be to replace the top barbed wire strand, with a smooth steel strand…..

It just takes one person to start a movement…..

It always starts with me…..

Fly far, fly free…..