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  Many believe in a world that takes, because they believe that they can get by taking… We believe in a world that gives… A Non-profit

    Mindfulness The effect we have on others as an organization is the most valuable currency there is. The only way an organization truly thrives

  Our entire team at FreeMe Wildlife are Biophiliacs… This means we have an obsessive ‘love for life’. This term was created to

We are striving to inspire an educated empathy for our natural heritage…..our wildlife and our environment. We often find ourselves in a position

Why is collaboration so important? No man (or organisation), is an island….. We at FREEME KZN believe in collaboration and cross pollination in

Stability is the tendency to counteract change, and we know that stable systems have low resilience. Resilience is a barometer for a system’s

  Wildlife Rehabilitation is the process whereby we return to humanity, that which would otherwise have been lost….. The question is always…..where

At FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, we are all about people….. Top leaders turn their co-workers loose. We clearly communicate our vision,