Effectiveness of the Rabies Vaccination in Black-Backed Jackal (Canis mesomelas) and Side-Striped Jackals (Canis adustus), and other small predators, in South Africa.
The purpose of this project will be to test the effectiveness of the rabies vaccination on predators in South Africa. We will be focusing on the Black-backed Jackal and the Side-Striped Jackal Jackals who have become one of the scariest animals to South African residents due to rabies outbreaks. These rather gentle and scared creatures have become prominent rabies carriers due to their social and eating habits.
Our goal at FreeMe KZN is to release healthy and able animals into the wild and with this research, we hope to find the correct method and vaccine to use to prevent rabies outbreaks.




The Owl Box Project was started in 2013 as part of urban raptor research and conservation. All data collected goes to research on urban owl species. It allows for community involvement as part of environmentally friendly pest control programs and supports the breeding efforts of resident urban owl populations. Education presentations are done for schools, enviro-clubs and other interested groups to encourage a better understanding of owls and the important role they play in the environment. The project works in close collaboration with rehabilitation centers, supplying owl boxes for displaced owl families, as well as orphans ready to be released into safe, new environments. Where possible, landowners who are choosing poison free solutions to rodent problems, are encouraged to make use of owls and owl boxes as an option.

Owl Box Project