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Meet Our International Sponsors


Human hospitals and healthcare centers are run through funds generated from the treatment of patients, by the patients themselves. Veterinary hospitals and healthcare centers are run through funds generated from the treatment of patients, by the owners of these patients. But who generates the funds needed to run a healthcare center dedicated to the treatment of wildlife?

The people who care about wildlife, who value each and every wild animal and its place in the world step into this breach and stand proxy for these patients. At FREEME Wildlife, we are humbled and honored to have so many people who care about our wildlife patients as much as we do, and who gladly (and selflessly) become their benefactors.

To every single person who supports our work, from the youngest child giving their birthday money, to big Trusts and International charities, we are eternally grateful, and it would fill endless pages to mention each of you by name!


So, for now, we would like to introduce you to some of our international sponsors…


                                                              Fondation Brigitte Bardot


For more than 50 years, Brigitte Bardot has put her international notoriety and inexhaustible energy at the service of animals.

With the creation of her Foundation in 1986, recognized as being of public utility in 1992, Brigitte Bardot surrounded herself with a team and tools allowing her to lead her fight for the animal cause, in France and around the world.


Ubuntu Wildlife Trust


Ubuntu Wildlife Trust evolved from their previous organization known as “The Wild Lion Trust” at the start of 2020. Their former trustees were joined by an exciting new international team with bases in both the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The realization that one day our children and the generations after them, may not be able to experience animals, like the rhino, elephant, African wild dog, in the wild was just too unbearable to think about. These emotions were part of the driving force behind the birth of Ubuntu Wildlife Trust, which is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Africa’s biodiversity.

                       A Rocha South Africa


A Rocha South Africa (ARZA) is part of the global family of organizations in A Rocha. Since 2002 ARZA has been coordinating community conservation projects and environmental education in KwaZulu-Natal, the Western Cape and Gauteng (2018).

A Rocha South Africa and Free Me Wildlife have teamed up for The Tortoise Project which is an amazing collaborative movement in setting an ethical and legal release protocol in place for the responsible rehabilitation of indigenous Tortoises in KZN.