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  • 1 Karkloof Road, Howick
  • 033-330-3036


At FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, we are all about people…..

Top leaders turn their co-workers loose. We clearly communicate our vision, coach and develop our people and, once we have done this, we set them free.

FREE to use their own creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurial skills and to innovate to get the results needed.

FREE to do exceptional work and find splendid solutions to challenges they encounter.

FREE to feel what it is like to succeed interdependently.

FREE to fail, its the only way to learn and to get to success.

We at FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, are very easily satisfied with the very best.

Human beings want to be a part of an organization that allows them to bring their gifts to work and be fully alive. Human beings want to be engaged and feel proud of their contribution, knowing they have made a difference. At the deepest level, each of us aches to know the work that we do – and the lives we lead – make a difference.

We at FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Center are leading by example, we are leading from within.

I have heard it said: “What you do speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying.”

Our challenge to every organization and human being for THE FUTURE is this:

Will you let the human beings around you realize this longing by setting them free?

Because if you don’t, someone else will…..

Fly far, fly free…..