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Working with ToPS Species (Threatened or Protected Species). Feeding time for this little Tree Hyrax looks like this…in a naturally enriched environment

FreeMe Wildlife has recently had the opportunity  to work with a very elusive species… the Aardvark! This little one was found alone in Colenso

Working with animals can be extremely unpredictable and sometimes you just don’t know what they are going to do! We decided after six long weeks

Some had broken wings, others had broken legs and damaged eyes, seven months of hard work from the FreeMe Wildlife team and all those who helped (and

These three Black Backed Jackal pups (Canis mesomelas) where placed in our mammal room for the first night to see how they ate, drank and behaved. We

A new arrival, a Nyala lamb has spent three days in our clinic after being brought in having lost it’s mother. We are satisfied that the lamb has

This newly fledged Spotted Eagle Owl chick was caught by dogs… The eyesight is impaired in both eyes rendering this bird blind for the time being.

Working together to enrich lives. ♥️ FreeMe Wildlife, Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate, Zimbali Estate Management Association, Shemungwe Game

Scrub Hare Reintroduction Project This is an exciting new project to repopulate the Mfuleni Reserve/conservancy in Zululand with Scrub Hares. These Scrub