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Bat Box Project

Bat Box Project

Do you want to encourage bats to your property?


Specially designed boxes provide a stable housing option to encourage and support both seasonal and resident insectivorous bat populations, promoting a healthier environment and providing an ideal site to observe them doing what they do best…

Bats are the primary predators of night-flying insects, making them nature’s great biological control agents for insects. One small bat is able to consume over 1000 mosquitoes in an hour. In agricultural areas, bats can contribute significantly in bringing agricultural insect pest populations under control.

Sadly, many bat species globally are facing drastic declines in their populations. Human fear, persecution, chemical pesticide use, and the destruction of roost sites has contributed significantly to the decline in bat populations.

The Bat Box Project initiative aims to support resident bat populations by providing an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticide use, reducing the need for chemical control and naturally enhancing the balance in your garden, farm, orchard and your neighborhood, to benefit both the bats and the community.

The project will include diligent data collection for research on the biology and effectiveness of bats as biological control agents, and funds generated from the project will go directly to support the rescue and rehabilitation of bats at the FREEME Wildlife centre.



Slimline Roosting Box

Double chamber box for resident and seasonal populations.

Large Colony Box

Multiple chamber box for larger colonies, both resident and seasonal populations.


By purchasing a box you are helping to support your local bat population as well as bat research and conservation


Pricing (inclusive of VAT):


Bat Box (to be collected) – R460 (Slimline Roosting Box)

Bat Box and Delivery – R575 (Slimline Roosting Box)

Bat Box, Delivery and Installation – R920 (Slimline Roosting Box)


We are currently working on an improved design for our Large Colony Box. Please contact us if you are interested in this box, as we can put you on the waiting list for the new boxes.


Email: orders@freemekzn.co.za to order